lunes, 8 de julio de 2013

Neymar PES 2014 - Look the new face

Image of neymar pes2014
Neymar PES 2014.Look the news faces of PES 2014. To everyone's surprise Konami showed the new face of the newly signed Barcelona Neymar.

PES 2014 news faces:

PES 2014 has new and stunning images. The similarities of virtual models with real players are great and should help undo bad impressions of a publication on the Facebook page of the game in June. With launch scheduled for late 2013, PES 2014 promises to rebuild the franchise created by Konami already a while ago has been losing ground to rival FIFA.

In the pictures you can see Neymar, still wearing a shirt of Santos, posing for the camera. Amazing how detailed are the facial features of the virtual replica. Below, Italian national team players (Baloteli, Pirlo and De Rossi) in game scenes that show the graphs of the next game in the franchise.
Even with PES 2014 new faces out of the new generation, the developer Konami promises not to disappoint the fans and deliver a game in the current devices with quality above expectations. PES 2014 is being produced with the Fox Engine powerful graphics engine also used in Metal Gear Solid V.

Did you think about the new face of Neymar in PES 2014?


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